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Сosmetic lotion "Antikomarin"

    Sinse ansient times men fought with annoying & boring insects. Only some 15 years ago a unique product, which protected men from mosquitoes, was eau de cologne "Gvozdika". Since that time market of repellents has changed greatly.

     We propose a modern cosmetic lotion

      "Antikomarin" is a perfect means that provides skin treatment & has repelling characteristics.  The main component of the product is a highly effective natural repellent certified by Austrian company "Dragoco`.  Specialists of that firm studied reaction of insects on a special mixture of vegetable oils which were traditionally  used by  African tribes as a repellent from mosquitoes & as calming, anti-irritating means.  Aborigines have pointed its perfect results in stuggle with the most aggressive type of  mosquitoes "Aedes aegypty" (Latin term).

 Lotion "Antikomarin" is based on a soft formula of moisturizing cream that has anti-irritating property & can scare insects. Besides, it desensitizes bitten spots. The product absorbs  perfectly leaving no fat stains.

     This formula was approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

     When "Antikomarin" is used in normal climate conditions it provides long-lasting protection against insect bites.  Difficult unpleasant conditions (high aggressiveness of mosquitoes in taiga, heat, high humidity, insufficient amount of lotion applied on skin) may decrease an effect of the product.


"Antikomarin` is safe for children.

  A soft formula and natural ingredients make it possible to be used by children. Though, keep in mind, that "Antikomarin" is a cosmetic product, so you should  spread a thin layer of the lotion on your skin or on  clothes. Do not use it more than once per every 4 hours. Do not apply the lotion on a child`s skin under clothes, as it will increase an amount of repellent absorbed by a child`s skin and it may cause an unpleasant reaction on a tender  body. To avoid allergy, we do not recommend to use the lotion for children under 3 years old. Be careful while spreading it on face, avoid connection with eyes and mouth.

     Lotion "Antikomarin" corresponds to all the standards  and norms established by the Ukrainian Standard Organization.

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