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On the territory of Zolotoniska Perfumery-Cosmetic factory there is an accredited laboratory, that works on testing  perfumes & cosmetics. Depending upon the result, the laboratory has a right to give corresponding certificates which testify on the quality of products produced by our factory.

Our factory provides servises of so called "contract production". Many times perfume & cosmetics are produced under the trade marks of other companies. We use individual approach in choosing raw materials & packaging to every customer. As for product design & level of quelity, our task is to make dreams come true. Besides, we may use raw materials fo our customer in our production.

Among our main client is  "Floreal" (Russia) to which we produced eau de perfume "Vers Blanc", "Blue Velvet", "Wild Garden" for women. Our factory produces eau de colognes, fruit aromas for "Acerra Company", "Dials Company" (Baltic countries), eau de toilettes, eau de colognes, eau de parfumes, shampoo for Ukrainian firms such as "Parfum Holding Co.", "Anko Trade", "Е.А.М." 


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