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Choosing your own fragrance

"Dress is an adornment of appearance, perfume is an inside measurement of female origin”  - says  the main perfume creator Zhack Polzh  (Chanel).

Take into consideration  the type of perfume product you use: perfume, eau de perfume or eau de toilette. Different types differ in their  intensity, character of the fragrance and so on.
Before dropping any perfume on your skin,  be sure, that your skin does not smell  from your previous perfume,  soap, or cream (as your aim is to test one new fragrance, but not   the mixture of fragrances).
Don’t be afraid to spend too much time while choosing  perfume products. Know you need to wait for the alcohol to vaporize. But, still, it is not enough. In contact with skin, perfumes change,  and fragrance, though it seems to be perfect at first, receives the note which  may  be unpleasant for you.
Be careful defining the firmness of the perfume. As it is known, a human nose gets tired  very  soon. That’s why you should examine the fragrance quickly and give the nose some time to rest.
Do not be afraid to meet a completely  new scent. Give the scent a chance to adjust, and it is possible that this very perfume will become your favorite.

If you feel something irritating , something you can describe, (for example, a metal note or reminder of  some food or unpleasant person) or you simply feel uncomfortable  with this fragrance,  in  that case, take it away and don’t use it.  Though not strong at the beginning,  such irritators  will spoil your pleasure that may be received while using  the perfume  more and more.
Never examine more then 2-3 different perfumes at a time. A  nose is not an eye. It is difficult  to test some scents in a short period of time.
You like to  use different perfume products at the same period. It means   there are opened and half- used   bottles of perfumes on your table. Do not forget -  they are not eternal. The higher the temperature  in the room, the more light that reach, the perfume bottle and the less moisture in the  bottle -  the sooner  your perfume gets worse. In a cool dark place, in a special protecting box, most perfumes keep their freshness  for the year or even longer.


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