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About company

Zolotoniska Perfumery-Cosmetic Factory has  proud and dependable traditions, tracing its development from 1934 as a plant of remaking ethereal oils ( fennel, mint ). Technological innovation and development of perfumery  inspired us to organize   cologne production. In 1964 the  factory  started to produce cosmetics—shampoo and  lotion. Since the 1960s, Zolotoniska Perfumery-Cosmetic Factory has been steadily improving its production capacity and quality.
 Our perfumery is developed according  to the high standards of best native and foreign traditions. All products have certificates and have successfully passed through all tests. Our products  impress customers by their design, excellent  quality and low prices. We use perfume compositions of the foremost companies.  There are two accredited laboratories on the territory of the factory.  Our products are exported to  neighboring western countries such as Russia, Lithuania, Germany and others. The factory  easily  supplies the customers in Ukraine and abroad  with perfumery and cosmetics at their first request. We’ve registered our trade mark  “Zlata”, which  can also  be regarded as another guarantee   for not  buying  products of bad quality.
 Together with classical   kinds of eau de colognes  such as  “Troinoy”, “Shypr”,  “Russian Wood”,  “Dlia Moozhchin”, we propose  modern ones, which can please  different tastes and expectations.  Eau de colognes  “Kohanomu”,  “Vstrecha”,  “Igrock”,  “Molodizhnyi”  are  used every day  and have beceme necessary  for many people.  “Donat”,  “Doctor Vatson”,  “Diplomat”,  “ Modus Vivendi”  will  satisfy the most exquisite tastes.
Are you going to have a party? Are you invited to celebrate  anniversaries? Are you  wondering, what to present?   “ Dyvo”,  “Tet-a-tet”,  “Sport club”,  “Kolumb”,   “Red Dragon”,  “Scotland –Yard”,  “Sigara”,   “ Vechirnia Moscwa”,    “Krasna Moscwa”,  “Moozhskoy Stil” ,  “Grafity”,  “Nochnoi Poliot”  are wonderful, excellently designed and  not expensive presents. Beyond any doubts, modern fragrance will impress your relatives and friends.
We’d like to draw your attention to the special eau de toilette  “Natasha”.  The tender flower aroma is liked by romantic  characters.
Except eau de colognes, our factory works to produce modern cosmetics on a base of herbals and biological  ingredients.  Lotions  “Utro”, “Ogurechnyi”, “Svezhest” freshen  the  skin and immediately improve the  condition of it.  Lotion “Rozovaia Woda” is necessary for tender skin. Tonic “Kapral” makes you forget about  problems with skin on your feet.
Popular shampoo “S Hnoy” made from natural extract of Iran henna,  cleans different types of hair, strengthens it and has  anti-dandruff effect.  Shampoos “Lada” and “Berizka” will perfectly suit bright blond-haired  women and provide a good care of their hair.
Besides, there was  a series of shampoos “ Zolotoniskyi”developed:  “ With conditioner”, ‘Anti dandruff”, “ Fruity”, “S hmelem”(with hop),   which satysfy customers demands by quality,  price and modern design.  Also, a production of a complex  shampoos for children was organized.
Perfumes “Islands of Love”,  “Wild Passion”, “Mystery”, “Organic”, “Roksolana”  will conquer hearts of  lovely women.


For  high quality of  products, by the decision of  Scientific-Expert Union    on behalf of  the president of  Eastern-Ukrainian  Business  Academy,  our enterprise was awarded by the Mark of the Ukrainian Assembly of Business People  “High Standard”. This characteristic assures customers  in the  quality of  our products. Besides, this mark  is a precious  award for careful  efforts  of all factory  staff.

Use the products produced  by  Zolotoniska Perfumery-Cosmetic Factory and you will always be modern, stylish and successful.


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