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“Antikhrapin” - a product especially created for oral care in order to reduce or eliminate symptoms provoking snoring.


“Antikhrapin” helps to stop neighbors’ complains in the morning of how loud you snored. You’ll forget about nights sleeping in separate rooms. The product carefully lubricates & moisturizes a soft palate, which vibrates with each breath. It makes falling asleep more pleasant & peaceful, & waking up happy for all of the members of your family. Thanks to “Antikhrapin”, you’ll get a victory over snoring. You and your family will enjoy a good night’s sleep.


“Antikhrapin” is the 100% natural product with peppermint taste. It makes your sleep better, provides fresh breathing in the morning when you wake up. It does not contain colors or artificial flavors, enriched with vitamins.


Capacity - 30 ml, packaging - 20 pcs. in a box, term of usage - 24 мonths.

ТУУ 24.5-00374479-009:2005

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