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details Hand Gel
  Hand Gel Antiseptic gel on alcohol base immediately neutralizes most of widespread harmful microorganisms. Thanks to the ingredients of composition, our gel has a wide spectrum of protective properties
details Liquid dentifrice in a bottle with a dropper
  Liquid dentifrice in a bottle with a dropper Production of the liquid dentifrice in a new packaging has began. Now it is a glass bottle with a dropper
details A new packaging is developed for mouth fresheners “Coolfresh”
  A new packaging is developed for mouth fresheners “Coolfresh” Now it is more convenient to set up the product in the checkout area of trade centers
details New mouth fresheners “Coolfresh”
  New mouth fresheners “Coolfresh” A new line of mouth fresheners “Coolfresh” for you on the market! More tastes, more freshness
details Eau de toilette "Goal-Keeper"
  Eau de toilette "Goal-Keeper" Specialists in marketing of JSC “Zolotoniska PCF” could not stand aside from the universal event - the Worldwide Soccer Championship - 2006. The consequence is - a support of our National Team & fans – a creation of new topical products
details Oral hygiene product "Antikhrapin"
  Oral hygiene product "Antikhrapin" ...if your wife sleeps in a separate room & your neighbors moved to another building, “Antikhrapin” is ready to help you. It is a product especially created for oral care in order to reduce or eliminate symptoms provoking snoring
details Eau de toilette “Wall Street”
  Eau de toilette “Wall Street” Eau de toilette “Wall Street” is created for a modern man, who along with unforgettable aroma, obtains his individuality
details Perfumes "I Love You"
  Perfumes "I Love You" Every woman is created to love. Every woman is worth to be loved. Show her your feelings. Devote your love and your heart to her
details A series of feminine perfumes “Silk Charm”
  A series of feminine perfumes  “Silk  Charm” A series of feminine perfumes “Silk Charm” as a present for our beloved women. Aroma compositions were developed by outstanding specialists in French laboratories
details Perfect means of oral care
  Perfect  means of oral care Mouth fresheners “Coolfresh” immediately create pleasant feeling of freshness & mint coolness in your mouth. They give you confidence during a day either at home or at work.
details A series of feminine perfumes “Byt Mozet”
  A series of feminine perfumes  “Byt Mozet” Continuing the best traditions of industrial perfumery we developed a series of perfumes “Byt Mozet” (meaning - “ May Be”)
details New
  New Foot care products “Solo” – deodorant-antiperspirants freshen skin of your feet, prevent unpleasant odor & reduce perspiration
details New
  New 5 types of tonics “The Spirit of Nature” provide moisturizing, conditioning & protecting effects. They are created to care of your face skin. Tonics remove the rest of make-up & get skin ready to another cosmetic means
details Perfumery for women.
  Perfumery for women. Together with our perfumes, eau de toilettes for women are on the market already. The level of them is much higher than the traditional products
details Series of after shave lotion
  Series of after shave lotion Series of after shave lotions “Robinson” is in the process of production. They are created for all types of masculine skin.
details Eau de toilettes of "Zlata"
  Eau de toilettes of "Zlata" A new elite group of perfumery produced under the trade mark “Zlata” is appeared. It consists of 7 eau de toilettes. Exquisite scents help you to create unforgettable image & gain pleasant effect on people around you
details Antiperspirants series "Solo"
  Roll-on deodorants - antiperspirants series "Solo" are in process of production already.
details Сosmetic lotion "Antikomarin"
  Сosmetic lotion  "Antikomarin" The factory has started producing of a new cosmetic lotion "Antikomarin".
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