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Eau de toilette

Perfumery is a final point in creating   a tidy appearance, an elegant and modern look. Beauty is  complete only with a fragrance.


You may not realize the real necessity of perfumes in everyday life but still it gives special brightness & elegance to beauty.

Perfumery is temptation. The aim of perfumes  is to gain attractiveness & emphasize it.

As perfumery is considered to be unnecessary thing, perfumes were always the best & favorite presents.  Presents should not be always useful for everyday life. They are precious as they help to forget about ordinary life with its problems. Presented chocolate, sweets are more pleasant than some butter for breakfast, a silk scarf is a better  present than a wool under-wear. A perfume – an absolute luxury – is the best of all wonderful presents. 

There is one more thing which is very special. In all cultures, in all times people believe in magic power of things &  in obtaining this power through using those things or applying them on the skin. Perfumes with their magic   help to rise over the danger & poverty.

People do not use perfumes in order to smell nicely only. Aroma has a strong power to create a dream for everyone personally.

Name, bottle design, image, promotion – are integral parts, as all these create a new message for a customer revealing a character of a fragrance. When we apply a perfume on the skin,   few seconds later it unites with the body & leads us to the world of dreams.


           The first “golden rule” – is no day without  perfumes! 


There are three dimensions which help to  differentiate  components of a fragrance according to the time they are perceived. The  dimensions are the top note, the middle (or heart) note & the base note.

The top note is the part of the fragrance that is predominant as soon as a perfume applied to the skin. It lasts under 20 minutes.


The middle (heart) note is the scent that develops a few minutes after the perfume is applied & remains relatively unchanged for 10-12 hours. The  theme  of the perfume composition is most clearly defined here.

After that you perceive the base note, it is not the whole bouquet of scents but  the pleasant components of the perfume  that are least volatile.


 In order to provide an overview of the process of a fragrance creation we use a triangular.

 1. The  top note

2. The middle (heart) note

3. The heart note                                 

A general fragrance impression depends on  the design of the packaging, the legend of a perfume creation.


Thanks to all the aspects the fragrance gets a special meaning & is regarded as an object.




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