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Bath salt
Bath salt "The Spirit of nature"
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Bath salt

The spirit of nature & the power of sea for your skin…


Ancient Egyptians pointed out that the best  way to get rid of unpleasant emotions, to release from stress is to take a warm bath. Diving into the  water, our body relaxes, all problems stay behind. Besides it is very useful to add special cosmetics, such as  bath salt, foam, ethereal oils.

At all times we know beneficial effect of sea salt on a human body. Natural  oils provide skin revitalization, retention of elasticity & freshness.  They slow down skin aging, regulate skin micro-circulation, moisturize   &  enrich skin with  unsaturated fatty acids.   Bathing with salt helps to stabilize good mood & good sleep.


According to the amount of salt dissolved in water, salt bathing may be classified into:

Therapeutic (150-500gr for a bath tub)

Therapeutic – tonic (70-100gr for a bath tub)

Cosmetic (10-20gr for a liter)

To cheer up or to get rid of a depression  use low doses of bath salt. To release from fatigue use high  doses.



Let’s not forget the aroma therapy affects on the soul! Relaxation helps to build up your spirit that stress works so hard to tear down. The body cannot live without the soul - healing starts with your mind. That`s why we say our bath salts are good for the body and soul.

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