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Lotion-tonic "Ogurechny"

Lotion “Ogurechny” is a liquid cosmetic product. It is the ethanol-aqueoas solution of natural  cucumber juice & glycerin. The lotion  cools, disinfects, smoothens &  calms irritation of face & hand skin. Skin becomes  velvety & soft.


 Lotion-tonic "Utro"

Lotion “Utro” is for oily & normal face skin. It clarifies skin as among its ingredients are boric, citric acid & rose attar.


Lotion-tonic "Svegest"

Lotion “Svezhest” is suitable to care for oily & normal  face skin. It provides desensitization, desinfection, freshening & softening. Lotion “Svezhest” clarifies face skin, removes  extra oil from face & makes it look fresh & healthy. 



Lotion-tonic "Rose"


Lotion-tonic “Rose” is developed to soften face skin & body.  It has pleasant  tender smell. Natural rose  water, received by steam distillation of rose blossom, is one of the main ingredients. Lotion-tonic is a perfect cosmetic means which cleans oily, normal & problem skin.



Lotion-tonic "Rose water"


The natural rose water is the solution of  rose oil in water. It is developed from rose blossom by steam distillation.  It is used as hygienic & freshening  means to care for all types of face skin.

Capacity - 117 ml, packaging - 20 pcs, term of use - 12 month.


ДСТУ 4093-2002

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