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Liquid dentifrice "Zubnoy"

"Mouthwash with sage, nettle extracts & mint oil"

Nettle  has astringents, vitamins C, B2, B3, lots of  microelements (Si, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Ti, Ni).    Nettle reduces inflammation, provide  cicatrizing, stimulating, invigorating effect of lesions.

Sage has anti-inflammatory, disinfecting properties, stops bleeding & strengthens capillaries. Sage containing means are used to rinse oral cavity. They help  to prevent gingivitis, plaque & other oral problems.






"Mouthwash  with  brier, nettle extracts & mint oil"



Brier has some 17% of ascorbic acid, vitamins PP, K, B1, B2. Brier containing products provide anti-inflammatory protection. They regenerate cells & prevent oral illnesses.


 "Mouthwash with camomile, nettle extracts & mint oil"

Camomile has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial,  epithelizing, pain-reducing effects. It is used  in products to rinse oral cavity.  Camomile helps to prevent or to stop gingivitis.


"Mouthwash with hypericum, nettle extracts & mint oil"

Hypericum has 10-12% of astringents. Hypericum containing products are used in dental practice to rinse oral cavity, to freshen breath, to prevent gingivitis & other inflammations. The products have astringency, anti-inflammatory & bacteriostatic properties.


"Mouthwash with calendula, nettle extracts & mint oil"

Calendula  has anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing & bactericidal  power. Camomile containing products are used in oral care means to stop gingivitis, different oral inflammations.


Capacity – 86ml, 117ml;  packaging – 25 pcs, 20 pcs;  term of use – 24 month.






Capacity – 90ml;  packaging – 21 pcs;  term of use – 24 month.


Do not freeze or heat. Keep in temp. 5ºC  -  25ºC above zero.

Produced according to the Ukrainian Standards.

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