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Deodorants "SOLO"





Deodorant "SOLO Ultra dry"


Keeps your underarms dry for a long period of time. Your body smells like fresh paradise flowers.





Deodorant "SOLO Intensive"


Elegant odor & absolute confidence in long lasting freshness even during intensive sport exercises.



Deodorant "SOLO Sea breeze"

Freshess of sea breeze & mild tender effect on skin.



Deodorant "SOLO Lime fresh"

Safe protection from perspiration. Fruity- citrus aroma fills with freshness & energy.



Deodorant "SOLO Sensitive"

No discomfort to your tender sensitive skin. You`ll enjoy freshness & purity.



Deodorant "SOLO Sport"

Prevents creation of perspiration odor while going in for sports. Fresh cool herbal odor is perfect for sport energetic people who adore independence & enjoyment.

Capacity – 50 ml, packaging – 20 pcs, term of use – 18 month.


ТУ У 24.5-00374479.006-2002

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