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Tonics "The Spirit of nature"






 Stimulating tonic  series “The Spirit of Nature   with grapefruit oil & extract of wheat bran for normal skin. It provides toning, moisturizing & stimulation of skin. Tonic, enriched by grapefruit oil, improves  blood circulation. Extract of wheat bran regenerates skin  & gives  plasticity to it.




Clarifying tonic  series “The Spirit of Nature”  with tea tree oil for problem skin. It provides long lasting toning & cleaning of face skin. It contains natural tea tree oil which is famous by antiseptic property & special bacteriostatic component which regulates  the work of adipose  glands. Tea tree oil with its antimicrobial effect exceeds  phenol impact. Regular use of the tonic stimulates exchange processes,    reduces pores, & makes general condition of problem skin much better.





Vitamin tonic  series “The Spirit of Nature” with drier extract & orange oil. It provides toning, moisturizing & care of oily face skin. Tonic contains drier extract – a natural source of vitamins. It strengthens blood-vessels & makes skin look healthy. Orange oil improves blood circulation, prevents small inflammation & regenerates skin.




Moisturizing tonic series “The Spirit of Nature” with fruity AHA complex for dry skin. It provides long lasting toning, moisturizing & freshening of face skin. Natural AHA complex extracted from fruit, builds protective layer & provides natural moisturizing  and antikeratinizing   effects. Dead skin cells exfoliate, skin exchange improves &  new cells come up. Face looks more healthy,  skin structure renews. Opening pores helps to clear away  black points & avoid  pimples. Regular use of product with AHA complex prevents  irritation &  improves natural  moisture balance of skin.





Regenerating tonic series “The Spirit of Nature” with foalfoot extract & vitamin E for elderly skin. It provides long lasting toning, moisturizing & regenerating of face skin. Tonic contains foalfoot extract which is famous by its antiseptic & healing properties. Besides it has a natural oil of  wheat germs - excellent source of vitamin E which heals & regenerates skin. Regular use of the tonic stimulates exchange processes & makes general condition of blood vessels much better.

Capacity – 155 ml, packaging – 15 pcs, term of use – 12 month.

ДСТУ 4093-2002

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