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Charming, spicy, tempting odor of elegance.  Harmony of fruity-floral bouquet is created by sweet tuberose & unique tropic fruit. Lily notes add feeling of elegance & subtlety.



"Islands of Love"


Insolent combination of  honey-sweetness  of  vanilla & warmth of sandal tree unites fruity notes of spicy muskmelon, “seductive” plum & tender peach.



"Wild Passion"


Unforgettable  floral fragrance  for independent emancipated woman.  In the heart of  bouquet are  notes of elegant  orchid, sweet ginger, bright iris &  delicate ylang-ylang  with   delicious union of sweet  vanilla, fascinating musk & soft wood gum.



East-wooden fragrance of fatal seductive woman. The heart of bouquet combines charming gardenia, ylang-ylang, exquisite &  balmy tuberose,  blending  warmth  of  Greek  nut,  sweet vanilla,  amber & velvet of sandal tree. 


"I`m present"

Seductive,  exotic fragrance for woman. Essence & absolute  rose domination  strikes its exquisiteness, sweet honey notes of jasmine  underline woman kindness,  notes of  harsh mimosa & amber  balance the composition. Only one drop is enough to make people notice you.


"Krasnaja Moskwa"

Sweet floral-chypre fragrance with woody-resinous notes.



Fresh & suave fruity-marine odor  strikes  with unusually pure & transparent notes of ocean air  combining citrus, water-lily, peach & sandal tree.



A Perfume “Shakherizada” transfers you to a fairy tale “1001 night”. A warm night greets you by magic fragrance of magnolia & vanilla. Light spicy aroma of the East spreads from a bottle with “Shakherizada ”.

The odor of the perfume consists of amber & flowery accords mixed with light notes of magnolia & fresh bergamot.  Top notes of vanilla are in perfect harmony with warm amber & musk accents. This aroma suits to cheerful, tender, passionate women.


Capacity - 17 ml, packaging - 36 pcs, term of use - 12 month, ГОСТ 17237-93

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