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Wonderful Climate and Nice Fragrance

Coffee, tea, alcohol drinks and  most of all, spicy meals  stimulate perspiration. Bacteria in underarm areas  create an unpleasant odor.  To avoid this  trouble, you may try to  give up  all the mentioned tempting things.   But nowadays in the century of progress and revival there are some means that fight  bacteria which create perspiration odor.  These means are deodorants.
What ingredients  do they consist of?
Antibacterial means.
They slow  thriving  bacteria on your skin and pause  creation of odor.  They are the components of almost all types of deodorants.
Deodorizing means.
They are  aroma components and basic ingredients in most deodorants. They help to reduce and controlling odor, primarily by masking the  odor  caused by the bacteria interacting  with perspiration.
Means that absorb perspiration odor and keep it.
They reduce perspiration by contracting  cutaneous   pores  and provide wetness protection for 20-50%.  There is as much perspiration  on the  body,  as it is needed to regulate body temperature and to hydrate  the skin.
A Long Way.
A term  “deodorant” is of Latin origin. It means “freshener”.
Initial task of the product was to diminish an odor.  Today, the problem of unpleasant odor is not of most importance.
For thousands of years   body odor has been  masked.
2 000B.C.  - 200A.D.
Ancient Greeks  and  Romans  were familiar with  baths and sources of  heat. There were clean and   dirty people.  There were first used aromatic odorants  for bathing.   But  the ordinary person could not afford aromatics.
12-15th century
In the ancient Middle Ages, pails for bathing were used  by poor people. Still,  there were   no traces of deodorants  for them.
18th century
Art of perfuming   reached  its peak.  Refined perfumes were created.

19th century
Women started to rub underarms with ammonia infusion. It was  quite an unpleasant procedure, as ammonia burns the skin.  In 1888 the first deodorant – cream, which fights bacteria, was invented.
20th century
In the beginning of the century  there was a whole range of products (deodorants) which irritated  the skin,  soiled  and damaged  the clothes.

30-s years
First  liquid deodorants  appeared in the market.  Period of their effectiveness  was 15 minutes. Besides,  they still irritated the skin. 

40-50-s years
First roll-on  and  aerosol deodorants appeared in the  shops. 
70-80-s years
Time of   a   big  crisis on aerosol deodorants.  It became known, that chloro-,  fluoro - hudrocarbon  was used. But these components  destroyed the higher layers  of ozone,  cansing ozone  holes. Roll on and solid deodorants  became popular again.
90-s years
Stick and crystal deodorants occupied the market, as they were more suitable for people with sensitive skin.
Present time
All kinds of deodorants are improved.  Unpleasant  irritation on skin and itch are in the past now. Deodorants keep underarms  dry for longer periods of time and prevent creation of odor.  Customers   can choose deodorants  they like,  among wide selection of products.

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